Benefits of Key2Support

  • Part or full time hours

  • Day and evening shifts

  • No experience needed

  • Full training given

  • Holiday pay

  • Pension

  • *Free enrolment into BLC

  • Overtime available

*Qualifying period required



Key2Support Employment Case Study

Karen B’s Story

Karen joined Key2support in December 2018 through a work trial we ran in partnership with Burnley job centre.

Karen was unemployed at the time and was claiming benefits as a lone parent.

Karen completed the trial of 4 weeks while still in receipt of her benefits. Karen was offered a position at the end of her trial which she gladly accepted.

“Starting back into work has given me more confidence within myself and more opportunities with earning, I can spend more time making memories with my children.

The transition from universal credit to work, worked well for me although I did a month in hand my UC money covered my outgoings until receiving my first wage. It works well also as your wage earnings are deducted from your UC so you feel extra income immediately from working.

I enjoy getting out meeting new people hearing new stories learning something new everyday, helping people live happy independent life’s. Above all I enjoy seeing people smile, it makes you feel appreciated knowing they are happy and comfortable.

I have found working for Key2Support as an enjoyable experience, they are always happy to help. It works well around your family commitments, a  really understanding company who work hard to try and meet your needs.”


Leigha Edmundson, Mohammed Zafran, Freda Childs,Sean Mitchell, Kelly Livesey with successful work trial job starters Karen Griffiths, Jade Cole and Karen Bradshaw at the Key2Support event.

Key2Support Employee Feedback

“I have always enjoyed looking after other people so it made sense to become a health care assistant. Key2Support are good to work for because it is so flexible and understanding that people have different Circumstances.

There always there to listen and if there is a problem they will do there best to work it out with you. “

Stephanie 32 – 11 months service

“I enjoy meeting new people and helping them maintain their independence, I have found since being in this role my understanding of peoples requirements all differ. Key2Support are a good bunch to work with, I enjoy my colleagues, the management open door policy is good and issues are soon resolved.”

Jackie 55 – 6 years  3 months service

I enjoy my job as a carer because I feel like I am a caring person. I hope I can make a difference in other people’s life and make someone smile and be happy. I always love to meet new people and get to know them. I have always helped people to the best I can. I look up to all the people I meet and it gives me a good outlook in life.

I enjoy working for Key2Support as it is a very happy and friendly place to work for. All the staff are great and very helpful. My confidence has grown a lot since I started working for Key2Support. I have always struggled with change but they have made me a lot stronger person. I know if I need anything or any help they are there for me. All the clients are very nice too. I love all my chats I have with everybody .They are all like family to me.

Thank you Key2Support for giving me the chance to give back.

Nicola 36 – 11 months service

“I’ve been a carer for 16 years and enjoy assisting people from all backgrounds to live their life as best as possible.  I enjoy meeting people and helping them live more comfortably. Being the only people they see some days it’s rewarding to brighten their days with conversation and assisting in daily tasks they struggle to do for themselves.

Working for Key2support has been good for me as the company are a good to work for. They always try and accommodate the hours I’m available to work and are always at the end of the phone if I have any concerns. I really enjoy my days at work.”

Alexis 34 – 6 months service

Key2Support Recruitment Pathway


You will be invited into head office for an informal chat with Freda our recruitment officer. (approx 30 minutes duration)


Applicants will be assigned to shadow a carer, this will allow you to see the job hands on and meet prospective service users on your route. (2 shifts)


Successful applicants  with return back to head office to complete our registration documentation be signed to our training plan,  issued with identification, phone apps and uniform. (approx 2 hr Duration)


You will be invited into head office for an induction meeting, this involves being taken through:

  • Company policies and procedures
  • Health & safety
  • Fire procedure
  • Infection control
  • Moving and handling

(approx 2 hr duration)


Current Positions Available

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