Domiciliary Homecare East Lancashire
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Our Values are;

  • Empowering people to make changes
  • Offering best quality care at affordable costs
  • Offering a variety of services and opening it up to all user groups
  • Protecting people from abuse

Giving people choice, respect, independence, privacy, rights, fulfillment, dignity & providing staff that are knowledgeable, trained and understand the Dignity in Care Charter.

Self Directed Support also known as SDS or an Individual budget. Self-Directed Support is a new system. It's about people being in control of the support they need to live their life as they choose. Some people manage their support on their own. Others need help - from family or friends or people who are paid to help.

In the old system, professionals made all the decisions about the support people could have and who would provide it. The person needing support often had no control.

Lancashire County Council Social Services have embraced Self Directed Support and want people who need services to be in control of their own support package to give you the choice & control of when & who delivers any service you require.